loneliness and home-sickness, and exclusion。。。

I’m the forgotten sugar crystal at the edge of the saucer,

Once eligible for the tea party, but now just ant food.

I’m the stone caught in the ridges beneath your shoe,

Trampled by your steps, taken for a ride.

I’m the newly hatched spider at the corner of the classroom roof,

Special only to my family, and not anybody else.

I am the last dying dandelion on the footpath,

Once precious, but now dull and wilting in the cold.

I am the lost Dorito chip beneath the couch,

Once crunchy, but now gathering mold in the darkness.

I’m the tie-dyed shirt at the bottom of your closet,

Once loved, but now just washed out and irrelevant

I’m the discarded sticky note from your crush,

Once crisp and pristine, but now crumpled.

I’m the decaying pumpkin from last Halloween,

Out of season, and out of use.

I’m the 一角 coin under the leaves on the street,

Made of good silver, but not worthy enough to pick up.

The flyer caught in the branches of a tree,

Once stable, but now just flapping in the wind.

I’m forgotten. I want to be remembered.

I should not feel like this, and neither should you.